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& the SWS Connect Team

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About Connect

SWSConnect was created with the goal of providing a safe place for SWS'ers (members of the real estate industry who follow Sell with Soul principles) to find each other ... and learn from each other ... in a creative, intelligent, cheese-free/ick-free environment. We've noticed that the SWS message tends to attract some of nicest, smartest, funniest, most insightful and creative people in the industry, so it only made sense to create a community for us all to meet, greet and hang out together!

SWSConnect was just released in early 2012, so your patience as we enhance, improve and fine-tune our community is very much appreciated. Your feedback, comments and suggestions are welcome, needed and will likely be acted upon. So, bring it on!
SWS Connect Levels of Membership
Currently, we offer one level of SWSConnect membership - okay, maybe two. The first level might be referred to as the "Non-Connector," which simply means someone who hasn't registered for a profile on the site. Nothing in the world wrong with that - you're welcome to keep your identity a secret until you're ready to take the next step which is to register for membership.

Non-Connectors have limited access to the SWSConnect site - they can peruse (but not post or comment in) the public areas of the SWS Forum, they can participate in SWS teleseminar event chat sessions and they can check out the SWS Member Map to see where other SWS'ers live and work.
Connectors - those who have registered for membership and created a profile - can fully participate in the SWS Forum, including any Members-Only areas, they can access the all-new (and oh-so cool) Searchable Soul Blog Archive and add their profile to the SWS Member Map. Registration is easy & free; if you haven't already, you can begin the easy & free process at the Welcome page, here: www.SWSConnect.com.

So... if you're ready to Connect with other SWS'ers - Go for it! We're ready to Connect with you!

Why SWS?

Here at SWS, we look at a real estate career a little differently. We believe that a career in real estate should be fun, yet challenging, and...soulful.

Our goal is to help real estate agents experience all the success they dream of, while improving the public's perception of the real estate community. Improving that perception, not with creative marketing; but rather by going after the cause of the negative stereotypes...which we believe is our industry's general lack of appreciation and respect for those who make our careers possible, our clients.

Agents who follow SWS principles respect and appreciate their clients. They do not believe in using tricks or strategies that are insulting or patronizing to the real estate client or prospect. Their advice and recommendations will always place the client firmly in first position, where he or she belongs.

We believe that we EARN our paychecks because we're competent, even exceptional real estate agents, not just because we NEED or feel ENTITLED to those paychecks. We strive to be the very best real estate agents we can be, knowing that by being the best we can be, we'll, yes, EARN the future business and referrals of our satisfied clients. 
We look at a real estate career as a profession; not a job, not a hobby, not a part-time gig and, get this, NOT a sales position.
The clients who honor us with their business expect us to competently manage a complicated process with many moving pieces and parts. They expect us to care just as much about their transaction as they do. Do we get paid for our efforts? Oh, yeah, and often, paid quite well.
Because we EARN it.

So, that's just a little taste of what SWS is all about. If this doesn't sound like your idea of a good time, we'll part as friends and wish you all the best.   
But if this sounds good to you - if the idea of being an exceptional real estate professional who earns not only a good living, but also the respect, admiration and appreciation of his or her Very Satisfied Clients makes you smile... you're in the right place.
And we're SO glad you're here!




& the SWSConnect Team 

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Questions, comments or feedback about SWSConnect? We'd love to hear from you. Just send us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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