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Full Version: How Do I Track Backburner Prospects in a Contact Management System?
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Got a great question from SWS'er Melba recently about using a contact management system to keep track of backburner prospects - those folks who will probably buyer or sell at some point, but not Right Now. She understood my Group 1 and Group 2 philosophy, but wasn't quite sure where the lower-priority prospects fit in the picture...


I have some confusion on how you manage/track prospects. I have people that I meet on floor time or open houses that I need to keep track of and contact.

I need to have some way to remind myself to continually follow-up (send out useful tidbits, call and check-in, call about a new listing they might be interested in, etc.). I just feel I need to keep in touch and make sure they do not forget about me.

Is there a different SOI approach to managing prospects that I am not implementing?
And... my response to Melba!


Backburner prospects are always a little tough. How often to stay in touch without annoying them? There probably isn't a perfect answer since every situation is different.

But here's how I'd handle it -

First, add them all to your general SOI and include them in on any SOI communications you do.

Second, create a "task" in your contact manager to follow up as you feel is appropriate (again, this may vary by individual). Perhaps you want to check with Joe Buyer (who you met at an open house) every Thursday to see if he wants to go out looking that weekend. Or maybe just once a month if he's indicated he wants to wait. Or, perhaps you want to set up a task for Jane Seller to do an updated CMA every month to see if the market in her area has improved enough - and then let her know what you found.

If a potential buyer tells you he signed a lease on a place and will look again "next year" you can set up a task to remind you to check in 8 months from now.

Don't try to come up with a "system" that will work for everyone. Just take your prospects one by one - and create a plan that is appropriate to their situation. But yes, a CMS can definitely be a life-saver here...


As we discussed in one of our Contact Management webinars, it's foolish (IMO) to try to come up with a streamlined "system" to stay in touch with your prospects - each of them should be treated as an individual and kept-in-touch-with as such. If you do customize your stay-in-touch efforts to the PERSON you're staying in touch with, your "closing" ratio with your prospects will be far higher than it will be if you simply send out a canned email to all your prospects every month or two. Remember - we get big paychecks when someone closes - therefore, it's worth the time and effort to TAKE the time and effort to make every prospect feel special - cause they ARE!
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