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Thanks everyone, for your patience over the last six months while the SWS Forum was down for renovations. It was only supposed to take a few weeks; worst case a month, but you know how these things go!

Anyway, here we are - back and up and running and WAY better than ever, so I welcome you back.

Coupla' things.

First, we imported most of the posts from the old forum into the new, but it may have been an imperfect process. If, as you're reading through pre-Connect threads you run across broken links or other minor imperfections, well, oh well!

Second, if you were a member of the old forum, your posts are still here with your old username on them, but they aren't linked to your new Connect profile. Just no good way to make that happen, so you'll just need to start creating lots of wonderful NEW brilliance!

Please note that the SWSConnect Forum is not intended to be an anonymous place to gather, so do know that what you post may be visible to the public or indexed by google. We have a few Members Only places in the Forum where we can play and be snarky (and I intend to!), but be aware that one of our goals in creating SWSConnect was attract more SWS-minded professionals to our midst and to do that, our conversations need to be "findable."

Anyway... soooo happy to have you here and thanks a million for your support of Selling with Soul!
Hey! Looks nice in here!!!
My avatar is being fresh and won't load, lol
Yay, Perky is in the house!
Jennifer-- nice. The art work is perfect. I wonder if the time setting is adjustable? says i visited today at 3:40. It's only 9:40 am.

Maybe some prompts on how to start a discussion? I will promote your forum to our company.

I will put that on the list of things to look at later today - the timing issue. I noticed it as well.

Good idea about some prompts... I'll work on that too! So glad to have you here!
:heart:Is this not the best darn thing Jennifer has ever given all of us!

A place to call home for alll the SWS'ers in the world new and old

Thanks Jennifer
Woohoo! Our coffee house is up and running! It is so great to be able to touch base with so many other agents that love the model of Sell With Soul. Hello to my new comrades.
This is really, really special and nice. I'm so glad SWS is all in one place. Thank you Jennifer!
Thanks Jennifer! I have *really* missed the forum over the last few months... so glad it's back up!
Glad to have all of you here!

You have no idea how glad...!!!
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