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Full Version: Changed RE companies
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I have recently moved my license from a large well known company to a small company. How do you suggest I tell my SOI of my change? It will have to by done by mail because I haven't been good about keeping email addresses up to date, let alone keeping in touch with them Sad Any suggestions would be great!
Hi Heather, thanks for posting this here!

In my opinion, your SOI doesn't care a bit about your office move, so what I suggest is to just send out a short & sweet note with your new fabulous business card (not the temporary ones they give you, but your permanent, memorable one - which you have, right?) just saying that you recently switched offices and want to make sure your friends have your current contact information.

No need to explain your move or talk about how much better the new place is, just that you moved and "hey, let's get together sometime soon."

The bigger picture here of course is that you probably should do a better job of staying in touch with your sphere so that they will want to hold onto your new fabulous business card, right?!

How many are in your SOI and do you have an organized database?
Thank you! I wasn't sure how in depth I should get about the change. Also thought about adding some of the different services I can now offer?

Yes, not keeping up with my sphere was a HUGE mistake! I got so wrapped up in selling new homes and making my developer happy that it got away from me. I now feel like I am starting all over again as a new agent to develop those relationships again Sad I several hundred in the SOI, plus the subdivision I opened and marketed for 4+ years. Unfortunately, nothing in an organized database. Any suggestions for a great database resource that isn't expensive...or (lol) free?

In the first mailing I am thinking asking for email addresses (so I don't have to do huge mailings again) and in return I would put them in a drawing for several gift cards. Maybe you have some better ideas to get their email address??

Thanks again for all your help!
Hi Heather,

I'm going to intentionally not reply directly to your questions because again, we have a Big Picture issue here. Please bear with me as I'm going to be very blunt!

You're sitting on a gold mine, but it's going to continue to be practically worthless to you the way you're going. Sending something out to a bunch of people who have probably forgotten all about you that you're changing companies and have a bunch of new services and oh, yeah, give me your email address so I can market to you isn't going to do you much good, especially if that's the last time anyone hears from you because six months from now you still don't have any semblance of an organized database.

If your desire is to run a sphere of influence-based business, it's going to take a concerted effort and commitment, and yes, a few dollars to get it up and running and keep it going - there really isn't a SOI-in-a-BOX program or product out there that will do it for you (and don't let anyone convince you there is - many will try!).

So, are you willing to commit a fair amount of time and energy to getting this gold mine of yours organized so that you can start doing the things that will inspire your sphere of influence to think of you as their favorite real estate agent... or at least one that they're comfortable hiring and referring to?

No problem being blunt with me! Of course I'm willing to commit the time to get organized. I'm in the process of doing it as we speak. If this was easy I woudn't have let it get away from me Smile
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