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Full Version: Protocol for Overlapping Showings?
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What is the recommended protocol when another agent shows up at a showing while you are still there with your client? Should I verify that the agent has the required access information (lockbox number)? This has happened to me twice now and the agents just walked in, even when they could see I was there with a client.

When it is me, I choose to wait for the first agent to leave and lock up. What is considered professional?
It never occurred to me to verify another agent's information if they showed up while I was showing a house... I personally wouldn't worry about it, but it is a good question.

This rarely happened to me, but whenever I arrived at a showing and there was one going on, I'd offer to leave and come back in a little while. If someone else walked in on me, and insisted on staying, oh well. Just make the best of it...
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