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Full Version: Friendship (aka Breakup) Clause
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I recently attended a seminar where one of the speakers recommended using what they called a "Friendship Clause" in listing contracts (Exclusive Right to Buy and Exclusive Right to Sell). I like the idea of putting something like this in my contracts but I can't find an example to start from...does anyone have one that they would be willing to share?Blush
What on earth is a Friendship Clause? I'm dying to hear!
It is something to the effect that, "...we are entering into this contract as friends....and should this not work out for any reason our friendship is more important than any business transaction...so we agree that either of us can terminate this contract at any time for any reason to preserve our friendship...and so on."
Our agreements do something similar by saying both sides are expected to have a good attitude throughout the transaction. The agreement also includes a clause saying the client can terminate the contract with 48 hours notice. I've attached a copy of our listing agreement - take a look and tell me what you think.
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