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Full Version: Virtual Assistant Queston
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I hope this is not out of place here. Here's a little background before I ask a couple questions.

I worked as a licensed real estate assistant for almost five years and sold around 15 homes as I managed the office for the agent I worked for.

I have left the agent and am looking for full time work in another industry. A fellow agent told me that agents in our area (South Bend, IN) need assistance with listing photos, sending out e-flyers and other behind-the-scene virtual assistant type tasks.

There currently is one person who does this in our area. According to the agent I talked with she is overwhelmed and taking too long to get work back to the agents.

Well I thought I throw my hat into the ring and find out for myself if this need truly exists. So far it's been a challenge to identify and successfully market services agents would be willing to pay for.

I'm sure it takes time to brand myself but I'd like to get a few opinions in this forum as to whether you believe there is a need for such real estate sales support services.

Have you ever contracted similar type services to help in your real estate efforts? If so what tasks or services to you purchase?

Any general opinions on this topic are welcome.

Thanks in advance,

Mark McClean
That's the kicker - figuring out what agents are willing to pay for. We're a frugal crowd, lol.

I'd be interested to hear feedback from our active SWS'ers out there.
I am sure that there are agents who would be willing to pay for this. It is just about finding them, and showing them how it is profitable for them to do so.

Isn't it ironic that Real Estate Agents are the biggest FSBO-ers out there? What I mean is that so many want to do everything themselves, rather than pay a competent professional.
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