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I'm extremely new to the business and I have a question:  Do you suggest that when I sent out friendly notes (just to say "hi"), that I include a business card?  Part of me feels like this would be being pushy, but another part of me thinks that if I don't remind them or tell them I'm an agent by giving them a business card, then they'll forget about me.  People are pretty busy these days.  Thoughts? 
Hey Bean,

Is sending out "friendly notes" something that comes naturally to you? My personal rule is I don't include cards in birthday, anniversary or holiday cards; I do include cards in most others.

I guess if your note is in the form of a greeting card, a business card might seem weird. If it's a little more formal, a bcard is fine...

Tell me more about what you have in mind...


Hi Jennifer,

I'm talking about the notes that we send to our really good friends just saying things like "thinking of you, let's get together for lunch soon.  Miss seeing you".  Nothing about business is even mentioned.  Do you usually put a business card in those?
I actually don't send notes like that, so I'm not sure what the protocol would be! When that's my message, I use email because it makes it easier on the recipient to respond in kind.

Here are the sorts of things I mail -
3x a year I send out something that includes my business card
Birthday Cards (no business card)
Thank you cards (usually with business card)
Neighborhood-related gift certificates (with business card)


Just thought of something - it might be nice to have a softer business card for such things - I always recommend that your card be attractive and non-corporate - one you're proud of, and this is a good reason for that... if you include it in a personal note, it won't seem so business-y, if that makes sense...
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