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Hi from Southern Alberta - Alberta Realtor - 01-30-2012 12:34 AM

Hey everyone - just dropping in quickly to introduce myself. Am an "about to get educated and licensed" aspiring agent in southern Alberta. I've had my own biz (web marketing consulting/copwyriting) for about 7 years but am getting ready for a career change. Woohoo! Scared and excited and can't wait!

It was a long and wind-y trail to come to this decision but when you *know* something is right, you REALLY KNOW. Don't know how else to explain it without writing an essay Wink

Looking forward to getting to know y'all and hopefully I can contribute wherever possible as well.

Night night!

PS: I'm a mom. Have 2 amazing, crazy little boys. My husband is a 'preneur too. I have a biz background and a degree in Management. And I'm almost 39 ... eeeghad!

RE: Hi from Southern Alberta - Jennifer Allan Hagedorn - 01-30-2012 05:33 AM

Welcome Karri! I've been corresponding with Karri via email for a few weeks now and I can vouch that she's one of us...