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Where do I start with SWS? - Marilyn Goure - 04-14-2016 03:37 PM

Hello, My husband and I are new agents. In training of course with our Broker. However still on our own for personalizing all of it.
I just found your website SWS and wondered where does a person start with your material? The Toolkit? The latest book?
Looking for help with announcement letters, branding, marketing, prospecting, etc..
Marilyn Goure

RE: Where do I start with SWS? - Jennifer Allan Hagedorn - 04-15-2016 07:37 AM

Good morning Marilyn! And welcome! Do you mind sending me an email and we'll go from there? This forum really isn't active anymore - I guess forums are a bit Old School... jennifer@sellwithsoul.com.