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Training that's not a fit
04-15-2014, 04:30 PM
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Sad Training that's not a fit
I'm newly licensed, and signed on with the local office of a major company two weeks ago. I was drawn to this office because the sales manager talked about the in-depth training. And it's a brand new location (for a multi-office franchise) so a lot of the other agents are also rookies. Win-win, right?

Maybe not.

My sales manager has us doing Floyd Wickman's Sweathogs training - and our first "homework" is to do three mornings of cold calls in the office before next week. Ugh!

I have a pretty extensive SOI - and already have 3 leads based on just announcing that I was going into real estate on Facebook over the past few weeks - and that's without my announcement postcards (sent the day before I discovered SWS last week) arriving yet.

Any suggestions for how to politely push back on the sales manager's homework assignment? I don't want to disappoint her or anything, but I also want nothing to do with spending 3 mornings in the office calling strangers, and despite the training being successful for her (she's done it twice herself), it sounds like a form of torture to me.
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