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Reviews on Motivational Speakers and Trainers
08-13-2014, 03:59 PM
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Reviews on Motivational Speakers and Trainers
Hello Everyone,
I am a newbie (since April 2014) and I have no clients yet. But my mother keeps harping on me to take a training seminar with Andrew Lacey because her good friend and neighbor is a Realtor and she goes on and on about how great he is. Now I am all for learning new things, but I wonder how great his approach really is. I know there are tons of motivational speakers and Real Estate Gurus out there so I am wary. And since My family is now down to one income I am reluctant to spend $600+ on something that promises amazing results--call me skeptical. Also, this friend of my mother's is in the Promotion videos for Andrew Lacey. Is it possible she gets kickbacks for this? She is a very nice lady so I don't think she would lead me astray but you never know.

What I want to know is-are there any good Real Estate related trainings/seminars, etch out there worth the price?

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Reviews on Motivational Speakers and Trainers - Allisones1978 - 08-13-2014 03:59 PM

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