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Open houses (& other curiosities)
08-15-2013, 07:38 PM (This post was last modified: 08-15-2013 07:43 PM by Deena Adkins.)
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RE: Open houses (& other curiosities)
(08-21-2012 09:35 AM)Tony Gilbert Wrote:  Open houses have been a MAJOR fail for me - not that anyone has been rude or anything. Rather, the whole setup just seems incredibly awkward, both from the prospective home-buyer side, and in working with the listing agent.

From the prospective home-buyer side, it just makes my skin crawl. Clearly, it's just in my DNA that I'm repulsed by the more agressive sales approach. Granted, I know there are "softer" ways of working an open house, but I've determined (here anyway), that there are generally two types of people attending an open house - those who think you're going to pressure them, thus they tend to steer clear and/or ignore you, and others who want information, including your opinion of the price - only to use another agent or discount brokerage. So... no more of that - I simply won't do it, nor will I work for a brokerage that insists upon it.

Secondly, it's also awkward in working with the listing agents on an open house. In my experience, I've detected an underlying "attitude" of superiority coming from the agent, rather than one of helpfulness or appreciation. Yes... I suppose I could get over that and just look at the overall goal of getting myself in front of more people - but the whole arrangement makes me feel like a slave. So... no more of that - I simply won't do it, nor will I work for a brokerage that insists upon it.

Part of the secret to success in real estate is focusing "hard core" on the activities and marketing where you are the most productive. LOL... Clearly, open houses don't fit the bill for me! Tongue

With this said... I WILL hold MY OWN listings open, should the seller like to hold an open house. Totally different dynamic - one where I'm in control. Angel

I completely understand what you are saying regarding open homes. I am new and have only done 3 so far without success. I am just wondering what you are doing instead to find potential clients, since I am being consistently reminded that open homes are the best place for this. As it is they are tough to get in our current market, but I end up feeling like I'm failing either because I don't have or didn't get anything out of the ones I did host.
Thanks for the help,
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