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How important is your Car?
07-25-2013, 01:43 PM
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How important is your Car?
So I am new to the game and currently branding and learning as much as I can! Reading everything, interviewing anyone who will talk to me and asking all types of questions. This forum is so helpful and wanted to throw out a random question I haven't seen addressed in the forum (or at least not with a search).

But how important is your car? I have an older CRV (like 1998 old) but could afford to get something newer (not new though). I have 2 kids and always have car seats so it would be nice to have a bigger car so I can throw the seats out during showing. But was wondering, on average, how often to clients drive around with their agent? When I was house shopping we always rode with our agent unless we were looking at one place and he had a nice ride. But I have heard some agents say they NEVER drive clients around so not sure what is normal. Any tips? Go for a reliable but Clean car or will the 98 do. Thanks!
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11-03-2013, 12:41 PM
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RE: How important is your Car?
Hi Jeff, I am surprised no one has responded to your question and I wish I had an answer for you, but I am taking the classes now and was wondering the same thing.

I have a little bright red Scion XD. It is zippy, shockingly roomy, and funky and I love it to pieces. And it is paid off! But it is not a high end car (cloth seats, no luxury features like heated seats). It does have a few tiny dings in it from someone who hit my car and ran in a parking lot and took off. It is clean and very reliable, a 4 door that can fit 2 adult people in the back seat comfortably and still have room for a child.

I'd rather not get rid of it, but I am unsure if it is "professional" looking enough. I feel it fits my personality and am not looking forward to having to trade it in for something more ...formal and boring... oh I mean average.
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11-08-2013, 01:35 PM
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RE: How important is your Car?
I am surprised no one weighed in, either, because this is usually a pretty hot topic, as everyone seems to have a strong opinion.

I take buyers in my car without hesitation because it's a great way to have a conversation without it seeming so formal. Right after seeing a house is the best time to get first impressions, too, so why miss that opportunity?

Clean is a MUST, of course and what kind of car depends on your target market. A friend recently bought a Prius and then worried higher end clients would think he wasn't successful - au contraire, there are Hollywood stars who drive 'em, so something like that gets a pass. Would I attempt to get multi million dollar listings in a Pinto? No. But it's absolutely not going to matter to many groups - you just have to decide who you are targeting and how comfortable you are.

One of the top agents in my office drives an ancient VW's basic, it's got a lot of miles on it, but he pulls it off, regardless of price point. Another agent drives a Harley so he never has buyers in his car. Go with what works best for you. I've had clients say to me, "oh, nice car, you must be successful" which translates into you must know what you are doing - but I do not think this is necessarily true in every case. Not every person in the world equates a nice car with being competent (I could be a bored housewife with a rich husband and be incompetent!) or vice versa. You will want those non judgemental clients, I would think. ;-) In other words, don't worry about it. Be comfortable with who you are and make sure your car is sparkling clean. And if you have kids, just be sure there are no old milk cartons and french fries under the seat, and you'll be ready to go! ;-)
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08-19-2014, 03:09 PM
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RE: How important is your Car?
Funny, I was just car shopping yesterday because I thought the same thing...that I would be judged on my success by my car! I have a minivan and it screams that I am a mom!! I have been wanting to get rid of it anyway and was looking for an older SUV (can't afford new). I want to stay true to myself, but also not have a "I'm a struggling single mother, so please do business with me" persona based on my banged up minivan. All in all, I think people are not that judgmental and, if they are, I really don't want to work with that type of person. However, I would like to be more professional looking with my vehicle. How do you feel about that?
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