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Hello From Loudoun County Virginia!
03-30-2014, 07:04 AM
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Hello From Loudoun County Virginia!
Hello everyone,

I am a soon to be agent in the D.C. Metro area. My classes are finished, the exams have been passed and I am currently interviewing with brokers. I have had one interview already and lined up three more tomorrow. But I am unable to leave my job as a high school English teacher until mid-June, but hope to be able to at least spend the time in between learning my systems and contracts so I can be ready (a bit more at least) by mid-June.

Jennifer I have already read your books Sell With Soul and Prospect With Soul, and yesterday I ordered If You're Not Having Fun...I am so excited to read it!

In my efforts to make sure a career in real estate was for me I tried to get as much information on it as possible. Last summer I interned with a Top producer- which was not what I had hoped. She gave me paper work and errands to run, I never saw her and she taught my very little, BUT I still learned a few things, though small. I read many books including...
--21 Things I Wish my Broker had Told Me (ok but kind of depressing, negative -thus the title I guess),
---Your First Year in Real Estate For Dummies (some good stuff but the scripts and the cold calling made me want to vomit)
--Your Successful Career in Real Estate (not bad but for beginners and people who haven't worked or used technology in decades
--And thankfully JAH's Soul books I read FIRST or I don't know that I would be on this path! I always thought I would like RE, but I can't be a pushy sales person, but I CAN be persuasive and I do truly care about helping people (thus 9 years teaching).

I also read this forum often. I wish I was home to catch the webinars though. Soon, soon!

I know I still have a TON to learn, but I also feel like I have a better idea of what to expect then some people who enter the field though maybe I am wrong there. I spoke to one lady who said her daughter got licensed, but never did anything with it because she said she didn't have $3-5K for the start up costs. How she didn't know that was coming I don't know, or that she needed much more than that saved as she may not get a check for 6+months!

This whole school year my husband and I have been planning for this career change by making sure we had enough money for me to go for a year without a paycheck and money saved for all costs.

Anyway, I plan to put Jennifer's strategies to use right away and am so thankful I found your books and also this forum!

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04-03-2014, 11:55 AM
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RE: Hello From Loudoun County Virginia!
Hello, from another Loudoun County Virginian (I'm from Sterling)! Congrats on passing your exam! I recently obtained my license too (late fall) and am just getting my feet wet. I would love to chat with you - give me a PM if you get the chance. (I think I tried to send you a PM but it didn't quite work.)

Lauren DeFrese
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