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LICENSED! And Sponsored...
04-15-2014, 09:34 AM
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LICENSED! And Sponsored...
I squeaked by our State portion but I'm licensed!!!!!

Man, it's expensive in Texas to be an agent....really expensive.....

I'm now with Keller Williams and going to orientation training this Thursday...Get my MLS info this week, too, some time.

What to do first? I re-read SWS again, and the "Few Words of Encouragement" on page 211 sure helped me not feel so frantic...

Thanks Jennifer! I can do this!

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04-16-2014, 05:46 AM
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RE: LICENSED! And Sponsored...
Congratulations, Hilary!

Well, there are a gazillion things you'll need to do first, lol... and once you officially get started you figure out what some of those things are.

But I just want to mention here that you are going to work at a company that has a strong culture, so promise me that you will TRUST YOUR GUT as you go through your training - if something doesn't sound or feel right to you, chances are it isn't right for you. Don't try to persuade yourself that it's perfectly okay to do unto others that which would annoy you if done unto you :-)

"The Secret of Joy in work is one word - excellence. To know how to do something well is to enjoy it." Pearl S. Buck
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04-17-2014, 04:51 PM
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RE: LICENSED! And Sponsored...
Thanks, Jennifer. I've already told the Productivity Coach that I'm unconventional and a bit hard headed Smile She likes that type, she said!

There's a new Team Lead and he's alot of fun, seasoned and from the entertainment industry years ago, so he also is used to eccentricities..he IS one Smile

Yep, I'll figure things out, but there is SO MUCH STUFF offered by KW that I'm a bit overwhelmed just trying to find what is most important FIRST to get under my belt. The orientation helped alot today.

It'll be a great, supportive starting spot for a few years, then who knows? We may move to Hawaii in 10 years or so, so I'll start studying for that state test a couple years ahead...keep practicing there!
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04-24-2014, 10:33 AM
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RE: LICENSED! And Sponsored...
Congrats! We are actually with KW too, and love it.

In our office there are sooo many different models of prospecting (everything from cold calling to door knocking to SOI).

As a bit of encouragement, the top producer in our office (#8 nationwide for KW) never cold calls or door knocks. Rather, he has a strong SOI approach coupled with geographic farming.

So SWS? Absolutely!

You don't have to sell your soul to be successful -- just be competent and confident (both in transactions and SOI follow up)
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