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Opinions on SOI/Contact List
11-20-2008, 03:23 PM (This post was last modified: 03-08-2011 06:52 AM by Jennifer Allan Hagedorn.)
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Opinions on SOI/Contact List
NOTE FROM JENNIFER: In conjunction with the creation of the new Contact Management with Soul board, I'm moving all our past contact management discussions here!

I need a little help with this.
I have been in another business for over 25 years. I put a lot of those names into my data base.
I put many of the floor calls I receive into my data base.
I have over 2500 in my data base but I don't know just who I should consider my SOI, who I should continue to market to, who should just hang around in my contact management program, and who I should remove from my data base?

A gal called on my 1-800 number regarding a house a friend had listed back in 2006. I followed up with a call and entered her into the data base. This fall she called looking for the listing agent who had the house listed that she ended up buying at that time. It was purely accidental that she got a hold of me but I got it listed. I don't know if it was a benefit to still have her in the data base or not.

A friend of a friend called to look at some property about 18 months ago. I have bumped into him in other circles since but no discussions on real estate. Tuesday he emailed looking again.

In years past I bought 200 calendars and we threw away at least 50 of them. We bought 200 this year and and picked through the list and printed addresses on about 175 of them. Considering another 100 but I
think I will wait for advice. I haven't mailed out many of them yet since I can't afford the postage. Yes. I am that broke.

I know I have more than 100 hundred names in my data base that haven't had any activity for 1 or 2 years and think maybe I should remove them.
They are old floor calls and callers on my 1-800 number. What do you suggest?
Looking for the excellent advice that I know is here.

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