Map Help

Isn't the Map cool? I sure hope you think so because it was much more complicated to create than one might assume ;-]. I love it and I hope you do too.

Here are tips for working with the Map to get the most out of it:

  • Along the left side of the map is the "zoom" control (the thing that looks like a zipper with a plus sign at the top, a minus sign at the bottom and a paddle in the middle). To zoom in or out on the map, either DRAG the paddle up or down, or click on the plus or minus signs, but DON'T click on the zipper. Clicking on the zipper will likely take you closer in (or farther out) than you intended to go.
  • Speaking of DRAGGING, if you're trying to zoom in on a particular area, drag the map (just put your cursor on the map and you'll see it turn into a hand) so that the area you want to see is near the middle of your screen. Then zoom in, as above. To return to the full map of North America, just click the box in the middle of the four directional arrows in the upper left.
  • If you click on a marker you think is yours... and it's not yours... and you're wondering where the heck YOUR marker is, you might need to zoom in a bit if your marker is behind someone else's. You're there, don't worry!
  • If you're looking for fellow SWS'ers in a general area, but not necessarily in the same exact city, just enter an address or partial address (or just a city/state) in the Search box above the map and voila! The map will take you to the area and you can then zoom in and out to your heart's content!
  • Did you notice the marker color key above the map? Red = Agents; Yellow = ACREs; Green = Broker/Owners, etc. You can check or uncheck the boxes to show members in whichever category or categories you're interested in viewing.
  • If you live outside of North America, we're so sorry, but we can't add you to our map just yet. Hopefully soon!

The Search feature is pretty wonderful, too. You can search by member role, first name, last name, company name, city and state!