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Since 2006, I believe I’ve written on just about any real estate-related topic you can think of. And while I have a pretty good memory, I found myself spending hours every week trying to track down this or that article, blog or discussion in response to a great question from one of my readers. Every time this happened, it occurred to me that it might be lots of fun to create a well-organized archive of all my ramblings, so that with just a click of a mouse, I could find exactly what I’m looking for! What a concept!

Well, whether or not this project was “fun” is up for debate. Sorting through nearly 1,000 blogs, sorting and categorizing them, cleaning up links and outdated promo’s, adding tags and replacing graphics – yeah, it was a big job; one I’m not sure I’d tackle again knowing what I know now.

But I DID tackle it and it IS done and, if I do say so myself… it’s a fabulous resource and well worth the effort, not only for ME, but for you also.

So with that, I welcome you to… SEARCHABLE SOUL! Enjoy!

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