10 Ways SOI is Like Dating (Part II of SOI & the Single Gal)


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Welcome to Part Two of SOI and the Single Gal (read Part One here)

Ten Ways SOI is like Dating:

  1. When you leave the house, you never know who you might meet. So put on lipstick, comb your hair and put on some sexy jeans. If you feel good about you, others can’t help but notice and be drawn to you. Conversely, if you’re slouching around Wal-Mart in your baggy sweats, bed-head hair and morning breath, people will most certainly keep their distance!
  2. Be nice to everyone you meet. You never know if their brother or sister or aunt or uncle or mother or father needs someone just like you, right now!
  3. Be nice to everyone you meet, Part II. Even though this person may not appear to be Your Type at first glance, you never know where it might lead if you give it a chance.
  4.  Be nice to everyone you meet, Part III. Get in the habit of being pleasant to everyone who crosses your path and you’ll be READY when you come face to face with THE ONE.
  5. Get out of the house. Sure, online prospects are low-risk and plentiful, but nothing beats that rush of physical chemistry and intellectual rapport.
  6. Go where other people are. Preferably to places where people talk to each other and feel good. The dog park, concerts in the park, happy hour, Water World, high school football games…
  7. Play it cool. Don’t put all your (business) cards on the table until the other person asks to see them.
  8. Don’t put your friends on the spot asking them to match them up. Okay, maybe ask ONCE if you must, but never mention it again. Feel free, however, to discuss your life (in a positive, upbeat, confident voice) with your friends, including all the great fun you’re having meeting new people!
  9. Be ready for the roller coaster. Euphoria and despair will be your companions on a daily basis. It’s part of the fun!
  10. Strive for that elusive balance between overly eager and underly responsive. Playing a little hard to get can make you appear more desirable, as long as you’re WORTH waiting for!

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