20 Ways to Make $100K this year… OR NOT! – Part Deux – The 20 Ways


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Well, thank you AR Gods for featuring my little teaser blog about 20 Ways to Make $100k This Year… OR NOT! As promised, here are those 20 ways you could make (or NOT make) $100k by simply attending (or NOT attending) to “minor” details.

1.       Do you have a photo on your business card? (“To Photo or Not to Photo?”)


2.       Do you follow up on referrals sent or received? (“Ten Tips for Being a Good Refer-ee”)


3.       Does the Contact Me link on your website work?


4.       Does the link to your website in your email signature work?


5.       Is your phone voice is off-putting? (“How’s Your Phone Voice?”)


6.       Do your eNewsletters go out from your company name instead of yours (so your SOI might delete them unopened and maybe even block you)?


7.       Are your incoming emails aggressively blocked by your ISP? (“Why You May Not Be Hearing From Me”)


8.       Is your business/cell phone ever answered by your child?


9.       Is your outgoing voicemail message friendly and/or professional?


10.   Do you return calls or emails on the weekend? “(Workin’ on the Holiday Weekend?”)


11.   Is your business card boring? (“The Dorky Business Card”)


12.   Is/are your About Me profile(s) boring? (“The Dorky Active Rain Profile”)


13.   Do you risk offending contacts by misspelling names in your database (and therefore your communications)?


14.   Do you risk offending open house visitors by asking them to sign in “for security purposes”? (“Open Houses – Turning Cheese into Soul”)


15.   Do you post on Facebook about a difficult, PITA client (or real estate clients in general)? (“Five Dollar Charge for Whining”)


16.   Do you blow off parties you RSVP’d for? (“Show Up When it’s the Right Thing to Do”)


17.   Do you change your email address every time you change brokers?


18.   Do you use an email address you “never check” in your marketing?


19.   Do you go on vacation without good backup?


20.   Is your email auto-responder obnoxious? (“Do You Use an Autoresponder? Please Be Careful with it!”)

Will attending to any one of these make or break your career? Nah. But at $5,000 a pop (or whatever your average commission is), they can add up to some real money pretty quickly!

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