A Real Estate Writer’s Simple Secret to Real Estate Agent Success


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I had an interesting conversation last week with a gentleman who wanted to pick my brain about how Itransitioned from a full-time real estate career to a full-time writing and training career. He was thinking maybe he’d like to do the same.

So, we chatted. I regaled him with my story of going deeply into debt (read more here) and then to lighten things up a bit, I shared what I believe to be the SECRET of success in such an endeavor, at least in my experience.

Wanna know what it is?

“Nah, not really, I have no desire to be a real estate writer!” 

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I told him that I believe the Simple secret to my success as a real estate writer and trainer is my mailing list. To put it bluntly, the bigger my mailing list, the more money I make. So that’s what I focus on – building my mailing list AND nurturing that mailing list. If I do those two Simple things, I have found that everything else falls into place.

I encouraged my aspiring writer/trainer friend to do the same. To focus on building his fan base, not by “buying” loyal followers with expensive advertising, but rather by offering his potential audience something they want, thus inspiring them to WANT to hear more from him. Thus, inspiring them to sign up for his mailing list. And most importantly, to STAY on his mailing list because they have found value there.

Hold that thought.

As I was espousing this nugget of brilliance, it occurred to me that it’s exactly the same in a real estate business.

While there are many approaches to building a successful real estate business, nearly everyone agrees that having a supportive Sphere of Influence is among the very best. And, in a manner of speaking, Sphere of Influece = Mailing List, right?

So, with that in mind, what if, instead of focusing your time, energy and marketing dollars on finding buyers and sellers who MUST BUY/SELL NOW, howzabout you focus that time, energy and $$$ on building a supportive Sphere of Influence (without regard to whether or not anyone you know needs a real estate agent at this very moment)?

Get out there and make friends. Get out there and make acquaintances. Behave in ways that will inspire those new friends and acquaintances to want to hear from you again. And when they do hear from you, be sure that what they’re “hearing” is something they will enjoy and want more of.

It Really Is That Simple :-)