Always look for the negative… yeah, that works (she says sarcastically)


posted by on Positive Thoughts for Tough Times

I like to think of myself as an Outside the Box creative thinker. I love to look at a situation and come up with a different angle or solution to what traditional thought has come up with in the past.

But I’m finding, much to my frustration, that most people don’t seem to frustratedapprove of this approach.

Quite often when I share my latest idea or epiphany with other real estate agents, they immediately tell me all the reasons it won’t work. This drives me crazy.

First, show me some respect that I’ve thought this through for more than 30 seconds (the length of time THEY’VE considered it before they criticize). Yeah, I already thought of THAT and I probably have an answer.

Second, open your mind to the possibilities of breaking tradition and trying something new. Maybe I’m onto something, maybe I’m not, but at least give it a chance to percolate in your mind before dismissing it. Might be life-changing!

Third, many in our industry are failing, yet they seem to be the ones most resistant to new ideas. I love it when someone who hasn’t sold a house in six months tells me why my idea won’t work…

Okay, rant over. Thanks for listening!

 p.s. after thinking this over some more (post rant-mood), I realize that what annoys me is the IMMEDIATE dismissal of a new idea. If someone were to stew over my idea overnight and then come back to me with some constructive criticism, I’d be flattered and impressed. But the immediate negative reaction drives me up a wall…