Are You Willing to Share Your Business Plan with Your Clients?


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Yesterday I read yet another (ho hum) article about how important it is for real estate agents to remember that their primary obligation (to whom?) is to prospect for new business. Every day. Before they do anything else.

Blech. Frustrated

This attitude literally nauseates me. The article went on to say that (I’m paraphrasing) since the non-income producing activities (specifically client service) we “have” to do are typically the activities that give us the most grief (um… really?) and create the most frustration in our lives, we should spend as little time as possible on them and relegate them to the hours of the day when our energy level is the lowest so as not to “waste” our high-energy hours taking care of those pesky clients who have the nerve to want our attention after they’ve hired us.


Now, if the author of the article was saying that a natural rainmaker should go out and make rain all day long and bring the results home to a more client-oriented PARTNER (not assistant) to actually care for, I might be less critical. But nope, that wasn’t the gist of the article – it was simply to say that because client service activities are not directly income-producing (although I’ll argue that one all day long!), they should be the lowest priority on your daily to-do list.

I’ve ranted about this before and if you’d like to read more, check out the links below. But for now, I’ll just ask this…

If you were to sit down right now and write up a business plan for the next twelve months where you outlined your business development (i.e. prospecting) and client service goals and commitments, and then created a mission statement based specifically on that business plan… would you be willing to share it with your clients and potential clients? 

If the mission statement you create from your business plan reads anything like: “Taking care of my current clients will NOT be done until I’ve run out of energy to search for new ones” – would you be proud to post it on your website, your blog and in your listing presentation?


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