Aspiring Real Estate Agents – Can’t Go Full-Time Yet? Consider this…


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Whether or not a new agent can succeed in this business starting out part time is a topic of much debate all over the world of real estate online forums. Rookies ask… Old Fogies answer… and the discussion usually deteriorates into a p*ssing contest between the two camps. I’ve written extensively on the topic and I have no problem declaring which side I fall on… I believe that this biz is tough enough to get started in debatewithout making it even harder by hitting it with only half (or less) of your time, energy and focus. So, in case that wasn’t clear, I think a new agent oughta do it full-time, or not at all.

Oh, yes, I know the arguments… the main one is “But I can’t AFFORD to give up my regular paycheck yet; I NEED to keep my job to pay my bills!” Others claim to know someone who managed to survive working only nights and weekends, or fitting in real estate around their “real” job.

Fair enough. My goal here is not to open that tired old can of worms yet again. You have your opinion; I have mine, she has hers and he has his.

But the fact remains that most rookies fail in their real estate venture. MOST. Even the ones who think they’ll be the exception. Obviously, MOST won’t be.

I hope it’s a fair statement to say that if you want to succeed in a business, you’ll have a better chance of doing so if you give it MORE effort than LESS effort – can we agree on that? Therefore, the ideal situation for new agents is to be able to go full-time, right from the start, right?

If we can agree on that, then how about this? If you’re cool with the idea of working your backside off on two jobs (your “real” job + your new real estate career), why not keep your day job and go get a second job that actually PAYS your money instead of COSTS you money? For six months, a year, whatever it takes to save up a nice nest-egg that will enable you to pursue your dream of being a wildly successful (full-time) real estate agent. Tend bar, deliver pizza, clean houses, tutor, mow lawns… whatever you can do in your spare time to generate some spare cash to sock away.

I promise you, this business is a whole lot more fun when you’re not freaked out about your next mortgage payment or exhausted from trying to start a new business after a long day’s work.  Those six months will fly by, and if you’re lucky, maybe the real estate market will improve by then!

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