Average “Days on Market?” Who CARES?


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Why do we put such stock in the Average Days on Market (DOM) statistic in our MLS’s? I suppose it might be meaningful if YOUR average DOM is much less than the overall DOM, but otherwise, I believe it’s a totally soldmeaningless number.

If I were to run a market analysis of all the 1920’s Bungalows that have sold in my market (NW Denver) in the last three months… (okay, wait a sec, I’m going to do that right now… BRB).

Okay, I ran my analysis. Had to go back six months ’cause the last three have been kinda quiet around here.

The DOM of my subject search ranged from 2 days to 171 days. The average DOM was 53. However, out of 21 properties, seven sold in under a week (five of those in less than 3 days), eleven in less than three weeks, while five took over 100 days to sell. Only three of the 21 properties had a DOM of anywhere close to 53.

So, when a seller asks me what the average Days on Market is in Northwest Denver, I tell them “I don’t know” and explain why. I then explain why my goal is to sell their home in 30 days or less (obviously it’s perfectly do-able in my market), and how I’m going to do that.

But maybe that’s just my market. Do you feel that the DOM statistic is meaningful in yours? If so, please explain!

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