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“The more fun you have selling real estate, the more real estate you will sell!”fun

I believe this with all my heart. When I’m having fun and feeling good, my business explodes. Have you ever noticed that one great phone call begets another … and another? When you’re rolling in MoJo and you know you’re hot stuff… the whole world seems to think so, too.  And that phone RINGS!

So, how to keep the MoJo Risin’? By ramping up your cold-calling and door-knocking efforts? By committing to yet another expensive monthly postcard campaign?

Uh, no. Not for me at least.

If I were to force myself to make phone calls to strangers on a regular basis, I’d be a mess. Because that’s not ME and it’s not FUN.  And I can guarantee you it would be incredibly UNproductive time for me, in more ways than one. Not only would I be utterly wasting my time during my stranger-pestering activities, but I’d also be one depressed, MoJo-les real estate agent. Which is bad for my mood… and therefore my business.

So, what’s FUN for you? Do that. Often. Okay, well, if the only fun things you can think of are sleeping and reading, those might not work, but otherwise… what makes you smile? What would you do more of “if you only had the time?

Chances are, most of the things you enjoy doing involve being out in the world where other people happen to be. And if you’re out there too, being yourself, having fun, you’ll be magnetic. And it’s REAL EASY to let people know you’re a kick-a$$ real estate agent (assuming you believe that yourself) when you’re in a good mood and feeling foxy.

Don’t tell me you don’t have time to have fun. Puh-leeeeaze! Life’s WAY TOO SHORT for that attitude, doncha’ think? Sooooooo…. it’s the first weekend of summer – GO HAVE SOME FUN!