Dave Ramsey Sez… In a tough market, work twice as hard. JA Sez…


posted by on Reflections From a Difficult Market

daveI was listening to a Dave Ramsey podcast today and he was preaching about NOT whining – just get out there and get the job done – don’t participate in the “bad economy,” etc. etc. etc.  Good stuff. I agree 100%.

Then he said something that really caught my attention – he said that if you’re in sales and your market is tighter than it used to be, then you’ll just have to work twice as hard. Simple as that.

My first reaction was, predictably (envision fist pumping in the air), “Yeah! I’ve got what it takes! I’ll just double my effort and I shall survive!”

Then I said to myself… “Hmmmmm. I don’t really wanna work twice as hard. What if I work the same amount and cut my lifestyle for awhile?”

I like the sound of that, frankly. It’ll do me good to learn a little restraint and discipline!

I think Dave would approve.