Did You Always Dream of Cold-Calling for a Living?


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Ho hum, yet another spammer on Active Rain posted a silly comment on an old blog promoting her essay writing service or some other nonsense. Yeah, like I (or my readers) am/are going to rush right out and hire her because she posted an obviously inappropriate comment on a two-year-old blog.

I have to wonder who comes up with this stuff. Is there a professional association out there teaching their members to promote themselves using stupid internet tricks? Are there books and magazines and newsletters on the subject? And if so, who signs up to be a professional spammer? What sort of person thinks this is a cool way to make a living? Do they look forward to getting up in the morning and going to work? Did they always dream of being a spammer when they grew up?

Who ARE these people?

Actually, who cares? They don’t care about us, so why should we care about them?

Which leads me to cold-callers.

The cold-callers in the world aren’t all that different from internet spammers, and frankly, I find myself asking similar questions about them, especially the real estate cold-callers. The most bewildering question (for me) is why someone gets into the wonderful world of real estate if all they care about is high-volume prospecting. Aren’t there easier ways to make a living that would put their tough skin and admittedly admirable persistence to good use? Careers that don’t carry any ethical duty or legal liability beyond getting that contact or sale?

I got into real estate because I love the process of managing a real estate transaction. Not because I always dreamed of getting up every morning and pounding the pavement (or the phone lines) hunting for business.


I guess I’ll just have to continue to Not Get It.

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