Do You Want to Be a Real Estate Superstar? Eh, Not Really…(and that’s okay)


posted by on Random (Un)Common Sense


Visit most real estate training sites and you’ll pretty quickly see references to being a Superstar or a Champion or a Hero or a Top Producer or some other high-falutin’ descriptive term for a tippy-top level of real estate production. You’ll see testimonials from agents who bought whatever system is being marketed claiming to have tripled their income or hit the half-million mark in commissions or sold 167 houses their first month on the program.

Wow. That’s something. I’ll admit to being intimidated by such marketing, both as an active real estate agent AND a real estate trainer myself. Gee, I never made $500,000 or sold 300 houses in a year. Neither has anyone I’ve ever coached or mentored or trained.

Do I believe the claims? Sure I do – no real reason to believe that such levels aren’t attainable just because I never did it or know anyone who did.

But I don’t believe that the majority of agents are going to see anywhere near those production levels, regardless of what system, program or philosophy they follow. No, not even in a good market.

And that’s okay! I have a loyal following of several thousand real estate agents who don’t want or need to set the world on fire – they just want to make a consistent, comfortable living, doing business in a manner they’re proud of, making more people happy than unhappy. They also want to have time for their families, their hobbies and their naps. They don’t want to be Power Prospectors who generate business 14 hours a day and then hand it off to their harem of assistants and specialists on their way out the door to drum up even more.

Hey, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be the Top Dog in your office, neighborhood, city, county or state. But if you don’t, that’s okay, too. There’s plenty of room (and commission checks) here in the middle for those with slightly less-grand aspirations.

So, don’t fret if you doubt you’ll ever be a Superstar. You’re in very good company.