Doctors and Lawyers … and Real Estate Agents?


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We real estate agents long to be respected by the general public. We ache to be considered as worthy of acclaim as our CPA, MD and JD friends. We fuss among ourselves when our clients appear to disrespect our time, our knowledge or, worse, our gasoline.

We claim that even though doctors and lawyers and accountants (oh my!) may have a few more years of education compared to our month (or maybe two) of real estate school, that doesn’t mean they are any smarter, more dedicated or more qualified to practice their craft than we real estate agents are to handle one of the most important financial transactions most people will ever make.

We encourage our new agents to charge a full commission “because they’re worth it!”, even though they’ve yet to hold an open house, prepare a market analysis or successfully negotiate a low offer.

Okay – so now you know where my brain has been all weekend. I talked myself out of writing this blog a few times in the interest of winning the first annual Active Rain popularity contest, but after reading a few other blogs this morning (which shall remain nameless), I could no longer restrain myself.

So… finally… here’s my point. Wander through any real estate forum… read your latest Broker/Agent news, even peruse the conference schedule of the NAR National Convention – most of what you see is advice on how to PROSPECT! More Customers! More Referrals! More Leads!

Apparently, that’s what our business is all about. At least, as far as I can tell from the topics that seem to interest our industry. In fact, most trainers come right and say that Prospecting is Your Number One duty as a professional real estate agent. Hmmmmmm. Is that really why it’s a licensed profession? Because our JOB is to be great prospectors?

But back to my opening statement. We want to be respected just like doctors and lawyers and such. But I’ll venture to guess that the professional journals, the annual conventions and the online forums of these industries aren’t focused on cold-calling techniques, farming campaigns and web-lead generation. I’ll bet that their memberships’ interests lie more in being BETTER physicians, more KNOWLEDGEABLE lawyers and more COMPETENT veterinarians. While there may be an article or a seminar or a thread devoted to business development on occasion, something tells me that it’s a wee bit more, dare I say it, RESPECTABLE, than what we tend to obsess over.

Where are the sexy seminars on being an effective Buyer Agent? (And no, I don’t mean the ones telling you How to Sell a Buyer a House in One Trip or Less or How to Convince Your Buyer to Offer Full Price so You Don’t Waste Your Time). I mean the ones that actually teach you how to be a GOOD buyer agent. Where’s the article on how to successfully negotiate a tough inspection, or prepare for an appraisal on a unique home? How to properly price a custom home in a tract home neighborhood?

Hey, we all know that doctors and accountants and veterinarians are business-people, too. They, just like us, need a steady stream of business to keep their doors open and their Beemers gassed up. They, like us, need to promote themselves and their services to the public. But somehow, they’ve managed to do it without being called a salesperson. They are “Professionals.”

We real estate agents need to make a choice. Either we’re salespeople, and we accept our role as such. Our job is to prospect, prospect, prospect. We’ll leave the details to our assistants who actually care about the clients we bring in.

Or, we can leave the salesperson persona behind and strive to become professionals who attract business by being competent, knowledgeable and, most of all, RESPECTABLE!

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