Getting Busy? Seize this Opportunity to Care for Your Clients!


posted by on An Exceptional Agent

Taking a little break from the Confident Rookie Series (which shall return tomorrow)…busy

A lot of agents I’m talking to are seeing a glimmer of hope – that is – they’re busy! The phone is ringing! The email’s jangling! Listing contracts are being signed and buyers are getting approved! Woo hoo!

I always say that when you’re busy and feeling like hot stuff, go look for more. You have momentum, you have MoJo and that’s apparent to everyone you meet. Even if you’re feeling overwhelmed, do more of whatever it is you’ve been doing to generate business, with a smile on your face and gratitude in your heart.


Don’t lose sight of the fact that since you actually have clients, this is a wonderful opportunity to knock their sox off with your service. The very very very best source of future business is your Satisfied Past Clients, so even before you run off to do “more of what you’re doing that’s working” make sure all these current clients are tickled pink with you. Stay in touch, keep that brochure box full, hold an extra open house. Return phone calls quicker than you have to. Aggressively pursue and deliver feedback.

There’s no better prospecting strategy than taking exceptional care of your current clients! If you’re busy right now, don’t miss this opportunity!