“Good for you, let me know if you need anything.”


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That’s the response my first-month real estate agent friend got from her Big Name broker when she emailed to say she had a $1.5M buyer lead.  “Good for you, let me know if you need anything.”

Are you kidding me?

My friend, smart as she is ;-] can barely spell MLS. She doesn’t know what radon is, she doesn’t know any inspectors, she doesn’t yet have a relationship with a lender. She doesn’t know how to select the best homes to show her new buyer.math

But of course, she’s been thoroughly trained on scripts, farming and other prospecting strategies as part of her Big Name training package.

We’ve all been there, and it’s a scary place. An exciting place to be, for sure, especially when a $1.5M buyer comes to call (hmmmmm… yeah, I can do that math). And yes, being new implies a level of scariness when presented with one’s first customers. But Puh-leeeeaze! To tell a brand spanking new agent to “let me know if you need anything” is criminal, in my opinion. Okay, that’s melodramatic, so if not criminal, let’s say irresponsible. Heck, how about downright STUPID? My friend is on a 60/40% split, so the broker’s take on this deal is… how much? A LOT. And the chances of my friend closing this deal without help are slim-to-none. Oh, and the guy is qualified up to $3.5M but claims that he’s “cheap,” so he asked my friend to try to stay around $1.5M.

My friend calls me for help. Of course, I don’t know her market or her contracts or her MLS or her local customs, but so far, I’ve been a hell of a lot more help to her than her on-site, stands-to-make-$20k-on-the-deal broker.

I won’t name names, but this is a national company that recruits rookie agents and promises them world-class training. I’m underwhelmed, to say the least.

Thanks for listening.

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