Searching for Soul

Searchable Soul was created for the “sole” purpose of making it easier for you (and me, for that matter) to search for soulful stuff – that is – blogs and articles I’ve written over the last five years or so about selling real estate with soul.

So you’ll notice there’s not much fluff here – no advertising, no links to other products or services, no “follow me at’s.” Just Searchable… Soul.

Most of the posts on Searchable Soul are taken from my two Active Rain blogs, so if you’ve been a follower for awhile, you’ll see some familiar material. The difference is… it’s much better organized and “findable” than my seven years of ramblings at Active Rain!

Unfortunately though, the hundreds (thousands, actually) of comments from the original posts at Active Rain did not import into Searchable Soul and sometimes it’s the discussions that follow a post that create the most value! So, if you find a post here that you think might have generated some interesting debate, just ask me for the link to the original and I’ll get it for you.

There are three ways to search within Searchable Soul – Categories, the Tag Cloud and Search the Site.

Searchable Soul Categories
If you just want to peruse everything I’ve written about a certain category (e.g. Contact Management, Working with Buyers or Prospecting & SOI), click on that category and you’ll be taken to a page (or several pages) where every blog in the category is posted. They aren’t in any particular order, so this function is best suited for casual browsing.

By the way the category “Jennifer’s Best” contains the blogs that got the most attention when first posted and/or are some of my very favorites. Some of them have become SWS classics – like “Let’s Do Away with the Dorky Announcement Letter!” and “What’s the Best Way to Ask for Referrals? Don’t.”

The “Blogs for the Public” category contains the blogs I posted during my active real estate career to attract real estate business in my Denver market.

The Searchable Soul Tag Cloud
The tag cloud took the most time to create (hours and hours and hours!) and is probably the most helpful search tool on the site. The tag cloud further categorizes the blogs into more specific topics than the Category feature does; for example, you can click on the “Wasting Time” tag and see all the blogs I’ve written about the value of Wasting Your Time. If you’d like to learn more about my suggestions to improve the professionalism and perception of our industry, click on the Professionalism tag. If you’re in the mood to read my various rants, just click on the Rants & Ridiculousness tag.

Search the Site
If all else fails, try the Search the Site field at the top right of the page. Just enter the word or words you want to search for and voila! Every blog that includes that word or words will display. The Search This Site function is probably best for the more obscure or less common topics you’re interested in (for example, “elevator speech” or “working from home” or “vacant homes”), as the more common or often-discussed subjects are probably listed in the “category” or “tags” sections.

Links to Outside Material
You’ll notice that there are many links within posts that lead you to outside material, most commonly a related post at my Active Rain blog or a thread at my SWS Forum. I debated whether to leave these in or take them out and decided to leave them there as an added benefit. So, feel free to use the Searchable Soul site to guide you to other discussions and resources.

I hope you enjoy your Searchable Soul experience! Any questions or feedback? You know where to find me.