I Cannot Tell a Lie… it’s tougher today…


posted by on Reflections From a Difficult Market

About a year ago, my friend Loreena Yeo unintentionally challenged me. I had just written a series of blogs about a nice new real estate agent named Jake who went from the verge of failure to the heights of success, based on his effective sphere of influence campaign. On the second to last installment of the Jake story, Loreena asked the question: “Was Jake lucky? Did Jake begin his career during a boom time and therefore was able to experience success more easily than today’s agent?”jake

Okay, so Loreena probably didn’t mean it as a challenge, but I took it that way. Within a few months, I decided to return to the wonderful world of real estate sales to prove to … well… myself if no one else… that the Selling Soulfully philosophies weren’t just a bunch of fluff that will work fine in a strong market… but not-so-fine in a difficult one.

So, in February of this year, I re-activated my license and started selling real estate again. Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect and yes, I was a little nervous. What if I failed? What if the methods and philosophies I’ve been preaching all this time were just a bunch of fluff & hooey in today’s market? What if… egads… the only way to succeed selling real estate is to aggressively prospect to strangers and pester your friends to death with your thinly-disguised sales pitches?

Thankfully, I have discovered that the methods I used to build my business back in the booming mid-90’s work just dandily today. No need to spend a gazillion dollars marketing myself to strangers or to hassle my friends on a regular basis to “PLEASE SEND ME REFERRALS ‘CAUSE I LOVE THEM.” I have a steady stream of business that comes to me as a result of my SOI efforts, and my commitment to Being Out There in the World with My Antenna Up and a bundle of market expertise in my back-pocket.

However, I will admit and acknowledge that, indeed, it IS harder today. Many trainers will give you a pep talk and convince you that if you aren’t seeing the success of yesteryear, then you just aren’t trying hard enough. That may be so, and I certainly won’t stop anyone from working longer hours to get thru these lean times, but what I want to say is this…

Whether you’re a green bean newbie or an experienced old fogie… if you’re feeling discouraged by your YTD production or what’s (not) in your pipeline… you are not alone. Even the most pompous, confident, arrogant top producers are feeling those feelings, I promise you.  They may not admit it and they may even tell you that they’re having their best year ever, but that’s probably a bunch of hooey.

The good news is, as you’ve heard a hundred times, those who survive will likely thrive when this crisis passes. If you’re new and have never experienced a strong or even stable market, you have something truly awesome to look forward to. For those of us who’ve been around awhile, we can look forward to again enjoying that career we fell in love with.

There will be lots of agents who make it through to the next market. Hundreds of thousands of them, even. Is there any reason it won’t be you?