I Love My Guardian Angel


posted by on Positive Thoughts for Tough Times

Readers of Sell with Soul may recall that I always had a Guardian Angel* who protected me throughout my real estate career… in ways that didn’t always feel like protection.

Thankfully, my Guardian Angel is alive and well and still looking after me.

The Law of Attraction teaches that when you’re doing something RIGHT, it feels easy. It’s like swimming DOWNstream. Everything just seems to fall into place. It’s called Inspired Action. (Here’s a great blog on LOA by James Holmes)

However, when you find that everything is a struggle, when you’re not having any fun, when you’re running into brick walls at every turn… as if you’re swimming UPstream… then you need to back off, be still and wait. You’re heading down the wrong path for you and your Guardian Angel is trying to warn you.

In real estate, the Guardian Angel protects your listings from selling when a sale would be detrimental to you or to your seller. At the time, of course, everyone is frustrated and upset and pointing fingers of blame. But later… after all the dust has settled… it makes sense. You know, those moments where you fall to your knees and thank God that the house didn’t sell… or the buyer walked away from the deal… or that your loan fell through at the last minute? Yeah, that’s your Guardian Angel.

In my world, lately, I’ve been a basket-case of frustration. Things aren’t happening on my schedule, people aren’t showing up as promised, everything is taking way longer than it should.

And now… I understand why. And I’m on my knees thanking my Guardian Angel for his protection.

The sense of peace is amazing!

 * in the interest of political correctness (ugh) I refrain from introducing any religious viewpoint into this blog. Please feel free to do so on your own if you like!