“If You Don’t [blank], You’ll Fail…”


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Is anyone tired of of hearing this line? Lately it’s all about Twittering, Facebooking, Linked-in-ing and networkwhatever other latest technology I’m not familiar with. At a Terry Watson presentation at last year’s Colorado Realtor Rally, he proclaimed that an agent’s Number One marketing tool was… YouTube!


Of course, it’s not as if we haven’t been hearing this same crap forever. In the old days (and still some today), the Masters proclaimed that if you don’t cold-call, door-knock, farm or advertise, you’ll be dead in the water. Then you had to bombard your Sphere of Influence with cheesy mailers every month. Then you had to have a fully-functional website. Then you had to SEO and PPC. Oh, and you must have a PDA (the old-timey Daytimers won’t cut it). Gotta have a blog, mobile-web and GPS…


Nonsense. I guarantee you that if I never Twitter or go near my Facebook page again, it will not affect my success selling real estate. And I’m still enamored with my trusty Franklin Planner (the paper kind), with no plans to upgrade to digital.

Just do what has always worked for you! Upgrade to new technology when YOU’RE in the mood, not when some guru scares you half to death with the consequences if you don’t!

If I don’t Twitter, I’ll fail…” Sheesh.

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