I’m Bored with Facebook – But I don’t want to be!


posted by on Random (Un)Common Sense

I really wanna enjoy Facebook. I do enjoy the banter back and forth with friends, old & new. I like getting positive comments on my periodic postings of silly updates. I love posting pictures from high school and giving my old friends something to be nostalgic about. I love seeing real-world, non-profile pictures of my cyber-friends. I get a kick out of being tagged for quizzes, or in photos.

But that stuff is kind of hard to find among all the advertising disguised as updates. Just now I opened my Facebook page and found nothing but links to services, products and blogs I care nothing about. Links to real estate listings in cities I’ll probably never visit. Invitations to events I haven’t the faintest interest in.

Is Facebook spam taking the place of email spam? Used to be my Outlook Express inbox was a source of joy. I’d open it up and find a bunch of messages that actually related to my life. Then, slowly, the spam took over. Now, my email inbox overflows and I have to make quick judgments as to who I’m gonna open and read and who I’m going to delete unread.

I caution agents who communicate (read, advertise) via email to be VEDDY careful about overdoing their welcome in their friends’ email boxes. The last thing you want is to train the people you know to delete your messages automatically because they’ve learned there’s nothing of value there.

It seems the same would apply to Facebook. I’m getting up the nerve to delete the “friends” who fill up my front page with advertising, thus preventing me from enjoying the non-promotional postings of people I care about.

Is there an alternative to DELETE?