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As a follow-up to yesterday’s blog about high school dating, loyalty and the wonderful world of real estate sales…roses

A few weeks ago, I was watching The Bachelorette (yeah, I know, spare me the eye-rolls) and there was a scenario where the Bachelorette had a one-on-one date with one of the hopeful bachelors. The rules of the game say that if the Bachelorette does not give the guy a rose during the one-on-one date, he has to go home – in other words, he’s been eliminated.

As the bachelor was preparing for his date he said something like “I’m a little nervous about this date; what if there’s no chemistry and she sends me home?


Last time I checked, it’s not much fun dating someone with whom you have no chemistry. In fact, it’s pretty darned awful. Even if a guy or gal is the most gorgeous creature on the planet, if there’s no connection, what’s the point? Dating is a two-way street; in the real world, anyway, we evaluate each other during the process and either party is entitled to make the decision to move forward or not. If the answer is “not,” we thank the other person for their time, move on and are grateful we have the freedom to do so!

It’s similar in our business, although when there’s money involved, we can probably put up with a bit more relationship angst! But I often see agents pushing for a listing or a buyer agency agreement — even when they aren’t necessarily the right (wo)man for the job, or they recognize that the buyer or seller is clearly going to be difficult.

I’m sure a lot of it is ego… we want to win that lover or client, even if we suspect it’s a relationship headed for nowhere. And that’s fine – I’m as competitive as anyone and sometimes I just want to WIN, even if the prize isn’t something I actually want.

But when you don’t win – when the other person selects against you, trust that they made the right decision for them. Support that decision and you may end up with a lifelong friend — which is nothing to sneeze at!

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