Manners Matter – Part 2 – Have You Thanked Someone Today?


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I posted a blog the other day called (very cleverly, I thought) “Manners Matter” where I b!tched about someone who neglected to thank me for the wedding gift I gave them back in September.Thank You

Well, had some more thoughts on the Manners Matter matter and wanted to share.

I have a friend who is in a similar industry to mine; she’s an expert in her field and really puts herself out there to help people in need of her expertise, often without any compensation for her time and energy. We talk on a regular basis and I noticed that in the last month or so, her enthusiasm for her career has really cratered. Usually she’s all upbeat and optimistic; a little fireball of energy who gets a serious kick out of helping people See the Light and Change Their Lives, but lately… eh… not so much.

We finally talked about it, and while she hadn’t read my Manners Matter blog, that’s EXACTLY what’s got her down. An utter LACK of good manners from many of the people she helps. Specifically, a conspicuous lack of appreciation for the free advice and counsel she generously provides day in and day out.

She described several situations where she spent a lot of time with someone on the phone or email, came away from the encounter euphoric that she’d clearly made a difference, and then… NOTHING. No Thank You cometh, not even after she followed-up.

Coincidently, one of the non-thankers was someone we both know; someone who is in the real estate industry and could definitely benefit from both my and her high opinion of him. Which she no longer has. And after she told me the story, I don’t either.

All the guy had to do was send her a two-liner email thanking her for her time and wishing her a nice day. Or shoot, even a smiley face would have made a difference. Had she gotten her smiley face, she’d have thought nothing further about it and continued to think he was a pretty cool guy. As would I. But the utter lack of any expression of appreciation spoke so loudly to her about his character that now she wouldn’t dream of sending any business his way. Ever.

Scary, isn’t it?

So, how about this for an assignment this week… commit to saying Thank You ten times a day. LOOK for opportunities to express your appreciation for someone’s time and attention. Even if it’s just shooting off a little smiley face in an email…

And let us know how it goes!