Manners Matter


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I just realized something. I never got a thank you note.Gifts

In early fall, I attended a wedding. Took a gift, signed the card, left the gift in the appropriate spot with the other gifts. I have to assume that the bride and groom got my gift.

It’s now February. I’m guessing I won’t be getting my thank you note and even if I did, it’s kinda too late to make much of an impression on me.

Now, neither the bride nor the groom are real estate agents, or even self-employed, so what I’m about to say might not be at all relevant to them. But to US, all of us self-employed people in the world who depend on the good faith of the people who know us? It means a lot.

IF the bride or groom were real estate agents, the simple non-act of not-thanking me would have blown their chances of ever getting business or referrals from me. Seriously.

Trite? Perhaps. But there are plenty of real estate agents out there to choose from and if someone can’t show me the common courtesy of thanking me for my gift, I’ll take my business elsewhere.

Manners matter. Don’t think people don’t notice, they do.

And having good manners can make a world of difference in how the people IN your world think of you.