My First Open House in 3 years!


posted by on Prospecting & SOI

Yesterday I did an open house at my new listing. For the record, I dread open houses. I hate putting up the signs, cheerfully chatting with the seller (while trying to get them out of the house), making small talk with visitors and of course, taking down the signs at the end of the day. I almost always come home and crash afterwards from mental exhaustion (last night was no exception – I was in bed by 7:30).

But… the open house was a great success! It was fun! I don't know if I was different from the Old Days or if it just a good crowd but wow! I had around 20 visitors through and every single one of them was pleasant, open to conversation and interested in the house.

I had done my homework ahead of time and knew every single competing listing in the neighborhood. This was an area outside my comfort zone (South Suburban Denver, tract home development), but I was comfortable enough with the competition to speak intelligently about it. I didn't make anyone sign in or otherwise push them to "commit" to me in any way, and almost everyone asked for my card.

My main goal of doing open houses is to 1) make my seller happy and 2) gather feedback for the home. I never prospect for buyers or sellers, and frankly, rarely pick anyone up. But yesterday something was different. I think I have a different attitude toward this business than I did in my last few years pre-sabbatical. I'm LOVING what I'm doing and it shows.

We'll see if anything comes of it.