My Sign is Prettier Than Your Sign!


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I just got off the phone with one of my consulting clients. Poor guy. I nearly took his head off with my impassioned rant about the priorities of the real estate industry. He handled it well, I must say, although I could tell his patience with his trusted mentor (that would be me) was wearing thin. But I just couldn’t help myself…

Nothing like a good rant to re-energize your day!

We were talking about the pursuit of expired For Sale Signlistings. My client has all sorts of ideas on how to approach expireds (I really hate that label, but shall use it here in the interest of clarity) with promises of doing a better job than the last guy, and getting the house SOLD.

I innocently asked how he planned to do that. “Do what?” he asked. “Do a better job and get the house SOLD,” I answered.

He seemed a little stumped by the question. Perhaps even confused as to why I asked it. So, I attempted to clarify.

What, specifically, are you going to do differently from the last guy to assure a different outcome? If you’re going to tell a seller you can do better, what ARE you going to do better? I mean, you don’t want to go in just saying ‘My sign is prettier than HIS sign,’ do you?”

My client thought a moment and came back with “Well, I don’t want to criticize the other agent and say that I’m a better listing agent than he was – that would be rude.”

And I agreed. It might be rude, even unprofessional.

BUT… I disagree with all my heart that he shouldn’t be able to say, with all sincerity, that “I am the best listing agent I know.” That’s not arrogance and it should be the truth. Anyone who pursues the business of homeowners who want to sell their properties should feel, no, KNOW in their hearts and souls that they are the best thing that could ever happen to that homeowner. If they don’t feel that way, they should not pursue his business.

So, if you’re pursuing expired listings – or any listings, really – what IS your differentiating factor? What makes you “better” than the agent who didn’t sell the house, or anyone else the seller might be talking to?

That’s not a trick question! It’s a question every agent should ask him or herself before venturing out the door to pursue business.

So… HOW are you special? WHY should a seller hire you over the other guy or gal?

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