No Wonder Houses Aren’t Selling…


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Okay, rumor has it that the real estate market is in a slump. Is it true? S’pose so, everyone says it is.

I’ve been previewing my little heart out here in Charming Old Denver, catching back up on the market since my return to the trenches. I gotta tell ya, if YOUR market is anything like MY market, I can see why buyers aren’t buying.

The inventory is CRAP! I’ve looked at 25-35 houses in the last two weeks and of those 25-35 homes, I found 4 that I would actually consider showing a buyer. The others? Well, they’re way overpriced (like up to $100,000 in a $350k – $450k range), and/or they show poorly and/or they’re HARD to show.

Now, these properties aren’t listed by “discount” brokers or otherwise unpopular types – they’re listed by some of the biggest names in the area.

I’m dismayed and frustrated. I actually HAVE buyers that would like to buy something, but I have nothing to sell them. And I blame the listing agent community. It’s our job to tell our sellers what they need to do to in order to sell their homes. I really want the listing agents in my area to do their job better so my buyers will fall in love!

Now I remember why working with buyers frustrated me. No, not because “buyers are liars” or because I hate being run all over town. I don’t mind that. What I do mind, deeply, is the inability, even in a “buyer’s market” to find enough decent listings to show my reasonably fussy buyers.

Okay, that’s my rant for today.

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