PUH-LEEEEEAZE Don’t Use Your Office Email Account!!


posted by on Random (Un)Common Sense

What is so difficult about this concept? Why on earth would any real estate agent or mortgage broker EVER use their office email server (e.g. jennifer@coldwelbanker.com or john@wellfargo.com – misspellings intentional) to communicate with their clients, prospects and sphere of influence?

Last year I collected almost 1000 business cards from agents at the NAR convention and when I was emailinputting them into my system I was stunned at how many of them (like 90%) used the office server.

Do you REALLY think you’ll be at this office forever and ever? Or even more than a year or two? Chances are you won’t, but even if you think you will, WHY TAKE CHANCES?

The reason for this simplistic rant this morning is I’m trying to reach a mortgage broker friend of mine who recently changed companies. But, oops, the only email address in my address book for him is the old one, which is no longer valid. Did he notify me of his move? Yes. Did he send me his new email address? Probably. But guess what? It apparently wasn’t a priority that day to make a note of it in my address book and his announcement is long gone.

You know how many real estate agents or mortgage brokers are competing with you in your market? Like, a WHOLE BUNCH? Do you really want to risk losing the Perfect Buyer or Seller because you changed offices two years ago? Sending out a new business card or even an email announcement WILL NOT DO THE TRICK. Once your email address is recorded in someone’s address book, it’s there forever.

Take a look at your card. Is your email address YOURS or your company’s? If it’s not yours, relegate these cards to your car to use during showings and order yourself new cards TODAY!

Rant Over.