Real Estate in Jammies? (part one)


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Should you work from home or from a real estate office?

For some, the answer is obvious. The majority of salespeople prefer the busyness and chaos of an office. They need the social interaction and would be unproductive at home. They claim that they can’t work from home because they’d be too distracted and wouldn’t get anything done. If this sounds like you, you have your answer. Start working toward getting that corner office with a mountain view.

For those of you like me, naturally introverted, you may find yourself working primarily from home already. I did. Within one week of beginning my real estate career, I had a full office set up in my home and only went to my Coldwell Banker office a few times a week. I didn’t do it intentionally; it just naturally happened.

Don’t force yourself to go to the office if you’re more comfortable and productive at home. Being an introvert all my life, I always felt a little guilty that I preferred my own company to the company of others. I forced myself into social situations that were disastrous for my peace of mind and productivity. For example, I joined a sorority in college (what was I thinking?) and when I noticed I wasn’t fitting in, I decided to move into the sorority house for a semester. What a nightmare – no privacy, no personal space, no control over my environment. For an introvert, this is Bad. We need our privacy, space and control to function.

When you go to the office, do you feel as if you’re productive? Creative? Ambitious? I found that when I forced myself to spend time in my real estate office, I could get my to-do list done, but not much else. My creativity seemed stifled and my motivation low. I need my own space to pace, to talk to myself, to do a few sit-ups if the mood strikes. Or even take a power nap.

When you spend time in the office do you feel energized when you leave or drained? Do you enjoy the other agents in your office or do they get on your nerves? When you walk in your door at night, do you stumble in, feeling as if you just put in a long day at the office? Or pleased with yourself and eager to go back tomorrow? One of the many benefits of a real estate career is the escape from the drudgery of a nine-to-five job. The euphoria of being your own boss and controlling your own destiny (in between all those feeling of confusion, anxiety and frustration). Your work environment may very well be the key to finding the euphoria.

(to be continued…)