Real Estate the Old Fashioned Way – A Series with SOUL


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A little while ago I hosted a teleseminar called “Real Estate the Old Fashioned Way” where I described the life and times of a real estate agent in the good ol’ days before the advent of all this whiz-bang, fancy-schmantzy technology. I was listening to a recording of the show recently and thought (in my never-to-be-humble opinion) that there was some good stuff in there I should share!

Here was the promo for the show:

“With all of today’s fancy-schmantzy technology, tools and systems, you’d think real estate agents in 2016 would be selling circles around those of us who practiced back in the olden days when a fax machine was the latest and greatest time-saving device! But that doesn’t appear to be the case; in fact, even in strong markets, most agents struggle to close even a dozen properties a year – and that’s only one per month! Why is that? Heck, I dunno, but as an agent who sold 25 houses her first full year (back in those olden days), I thought it might be fun to explore what’s different about the business of real estate now… and then!”

Sound fun? I will officially get started tomorrow, but as a teaser, can you imagine life as a real estate agent before…

  • … your MLS included 25 interior photos?
  • … your clients had access to those 25 interior photos + google maps + property videos +++?
  • … you could rely on your GPS to get you from home to home?
  • … you could fax/email/docusign contracts and disclosures to your client?
  • … you could text/email/Facebook your clients instead of calling them on the phone?
  • … potential buyers and sellers could find out about you on the Internet?
  • … Facebook???

Contrary to how dreary you may think life was for us old-timers (OhMyGoodness, you actually had to drive across town to get a contract signed??), let me assure you that it was NOT! In fact, I attribute a lot of my early and ongoing success to the fact that I started my real estate career before the advent of most of the technology that agents rely on today – and it instilled habits in me that endured throughout my career.

So, stay tuned. This will be FUN!