Rookie Real Estate Agents – Revisiting Full-Time Versus Part-Time in 2010


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toe in the water

Whether or not one can succeed/survive in this industry doing it part-time is always a good topic for debate. Emotions run high, tempers flare, feelings get hurt. Bummer.

But it really is an important question, especially TO those considering entering the field.

I’ve been thinking about it a lot, so I’ll take one for the team and open up that can of worms yet again.

For the record, I’ve always been of the seemingly obvious opinion that if you’re going to do something, do it 100%. And in an industry where far more practitioners fail than succeed, it only makes sense that the ones who devote themselves wholeheartedly to their career have a better chance of being one of the ones who don’t fail… right?

Well, in the last few years, our industry has changed (really, Jennifer, y’think?) and it’s not uncommon for a new real estate agent (or any real estate agent, frankly) to go months and months without a paycheck. And that’s a tough situation to volunteer for.

So, new real estate agents approach their careers a little more circumspectly. They keep their day job (or night job as the case may be) and only stick their toe in the water… okay, maybe they wade in up their knees or even their waist. But they don’t jump in. They don’t fully commit. And they tell themselves that they’re being practical, logical and responsible.

I get that. I really do. In a business where new practitioners might go a year before seeing their first payday, it’s a tough sell to convince them to leave their regular paycheck and benefits behind.

But… practicality and responsibility aside… it still doesn’t work. I know a lot of first-year agents and they run the gamut from having zero business to having more business than they can handle… and without exception, it’s the part-time agents who are at the zero end… and the full-time agents who are at the more-than-they-can-handle end. (Of course, there are plenty of full-timers who are failing, but I don’t know any part-timers who are succeeding).

The thing is – to succeed in a new business, you have to immerse yourself in it. Every day. All day. With all your passion, all your energy, all your resources. Sorry, but that’s a fact whether or not you want to or can afford to. New agents who are succeeding are giving this career their full attention… not just sticking their toe in the water.

What’s the punch line? If you can’t afford to immerse yourself in your new real estate career, maybe now is not the time to begin your new real estate career.

p.s. please note that I am speaking primarily to new agents and pre-licensees here. Experienced agents with established lead generation and administrative systems can often make it working part-time. But rookies?  Sorry…

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