Seriously, is it time to hit PAUSE on your real estate career?


posted by on Reflections From a Difficult Market

While I don’t advertise it, I do some one-on-one consulting for Very Special People. By VSP, I mean, people who buy into the Sell with Soul philosophy (yeah, I discriminate) and who are intelligent and self-aware enough to 1) be willing to play outside the box and forego traditional wisdom most of the time and 2) are willing, even eager to ask “How did I contribute to this problem” rather than simply whine about how everyone else on the planet sucks.

Anyway, wanna guess what the most common consultation I’m doing these days is? Seducing a Sphere of Influence? Nope. Writing a Non-Dorky Announcement or Reconnection letter? Nope. Getting a difficult listing sold? No again.

I’m thinking of quitting. Can you help me decide?”

Sounds kind of grim, doesn’t it? And yeah, most agents who contact me with this question are, frankly, out of time. Either something has to happen RIGHT NOW or they’re in deep doo-doo. Or, rather, deeper doo-doo.

What I’m about to say here may not be popular but the answer many of these consultees have gotten from me is: “Yes, I suspect you need to quit, at least for now. Maybe not forever, but for now, it’s probably the right thing.”

Are you asking yourself this question, or some version of it? You don’t have to answer me out loud, but if you’re at this point in your career, please don’t be afraid to explore your options. There is NO SHAME in redirecting your career if that career is putting you and your family at risk of financial ruin. THIS IS A TOUGH BUSINESS! Yeah, we all know that, but sometimes we forget the reality of that statement. When something is “tough” that means a whole lot of people aren’t going to make a go of it – maybe even you or me!

I’m not saying that giving up is the only option; of course it isn’t. But it IS an option. Don’t let your pride, ego or fantasies get in the way of making the right decision for you.

I’ll probably write some more on this topic – stay tuned.