Something Troubling You? Try This…


posted by on Positive Thoughts for Tough Times

I want you to take moment… next time you have a free one… and think about something that’s bothering you. Something that’s worrying you, that’s keeping you awake at night, that’s always on your mind and bringing you down.

I’m guessing it’s pretty easy to do, huh? Not too many of us suffer from a LACK of things to worry about, right!?

Okay, now… voice your worry. Say it out loud.

For example: “I’m worried because I don’t have any prospects in the pipeline and don’t know where my next closing is going to come from.

Or… how about: “I’m so busy right now I can’t keep up. I don’t know how I’m going to get everything done and I’m scared something is going to fall through the cracks.”

Or (from my doggie rescue world): “The shelter is so full and the dogs just keep coming. There’s no way we can save them all – some days it feels hopeless.”

Next step… take that worry statement and turn it into a believable positive. For example:

I don’t have any clients right now, but that’ll change soon enough. It always does – it always works out even when it seems it won’t! I’m not worried.”

Or… “I have a lot to do, but somehow it all gets done. I don’t know how I do it, but I always come through!”

Or (my favorite rescue mantra): “We make miracles happen every day! I don’t know how we do it, but we’ll just keeping doing what we’re doing!”

Did you notice how different you felt when speaking the worry statement out loud versus thebelievable positive one? Did your body relax? Did your mind clear? Did you maybe stand up a little straighter and even smile to yourself?

I know I do… when I find myself worrying about something, I try to remember to turn it into a believable positive statement and when I do… the whole world seems brighter. And I feel a sense of power over my troubles that gives me the edge I need to make my believable positive statement a reality! 

Give it a try…